Hold On Tight To Your Dreams

This is another great song by ELO. It keeps me motivated. I love the beat and the lyrics.

Hold On Tight To Your Dreams by ELO

I like all kinds of music. Music makes the world go round.

I weighed this morning before breakfast. I was 140. Good! Yesterday at Shoney’s I didn’t eat any sweets. Can you believe it?

The last couple of days I have burned 250 calories each day on my treadmill. I would walk about 3 mph while listening to a song on my mp3 player, and then run about 5 mph on the next song, etc. I can run longer than I thought I could.

Today is a new day

I woke up at 5:30 and have stayed at the computer long enough.  Now is the time to make some efforts.  I want to see results.  That means I have to begin my active day–no time to think about food. 

I am writing to show the changes that will bring me to my goal of 125 pounds. 

First thing to eat today–a Snow Puff , a  100-calorie snack  with coffee.  It was very enjoyable.  Not too bad to begin the day with, if you don’t think about its nutritional value. 

OK!  What is wrong here?  Enough about food.  On the next blog, I intend to expound on all of my activity that is helping me lose 2 pounds this week.