Happy 3rd Birthday, Ginger!

Beautiful day outside!

I had a headache all day, though.  Slept too long.  Still have a headache!

I did pretty good with my diet.  Small portions.  Only 1 Sweet n Salty bar.  Stayed away from the chocolate bar.  Didn’t eat late.

Didn’t feel like exercising.  Maybe soon.

I will try to read some of the library books tomorrow.

I’m ready to feel better, already!  Tired of being sick.This really bad cold completely drained my energy.

Need to call my best friend tomorrow.  Catch up.

It was my dog Ginger’s 3rd birthday yesterday(20th).  Love my dogs.

Ready to get rid of this gut once and for all!

I want to lose 15 lbs in the near future!

Back to the drawing board! Time to really get healthy! I don’t know how, but I’m going to have to slow down on sweets! Maybe I’ll get some fresh vegetables tomorrow, cut them up, and put them in baggies for snacks instead of my standard Sweet and Salty Granola Bars. I will work on keeping an accurate, ongoing nutrition journal. I have to remember, small portions, too. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I might try to check out the recommended menus on SparkPeople to get some ideas to make things more healthy. My dad heard about eating a small amount of peanut butter when you’re craving extra calories. I’ll try that.