Missing You!

I’m missing my buddies on WordPress.  I haven’t even visited this site in a while.

Hello Sharon, Chris, Stephenie, Madison!  I am out of work now for the Summer, so I should have more time to read and catch up on your blogs.  Please forgive me for being out of touch.

I have been staying busy on Sparkpeople.com.  I absolutely love my teams!  Thanks, Chris, for telling me I wasn’t too old.  You inspired me  into beginning a new challenge.  My username on the site is ILOVECOFFEECAKE.  Check it out if you wish.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new 10-week challenge, the 2009 Biggest Loser Fun In The Sun Summer Challenge.  There are 19 teams, each consisting of 25 members.  I am on the Cranberry team.  I was a Cranberry during the Spring Challenge also.  I lost 10 pounds, ran a 5K in 32.5 minutes, and gained a lot of muscle.  I am ready for this brand new challenge.

Is everyone ready for a great summer?  Looking forward to catch up on things!

Your friend,


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