A Life Of Promise

Hello everyone!

I am ready to start this blog up again.  I love to blog.  I’ve actually forgotten how helpful it is to write my thoughts down.  My thoughts are scattered this morning like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.


I feel like my whole life is scattered until I can get my thoughts together and decide just what it is that needs to be written down.  This morning I want to write about how I’ve missed writing on here, my recent vacation to the cabin, my progress in fitness through using Sparkpeople.com, my silly dogs, Spring, how life goes on so swiftly, training for my first 5K run, how I would love to have more time to do what I want to do, my dreams, God, and cannot stick to just one.

I love life.  I want to live it fully.  God has given me so many things to enjoy and share with others.  When I share, THAT is when I’m the happiest.  I guess this is what I was wanting to say.  I suddenly don’t feel so scattered anymore.  There is promise in today.  No need to feel scattered.

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