A Trip To The Roller Rink

Yesterday was a blast!!  My son and I went to his friend’s birthday party at a skating rink.  We had a top 10 day.

This was my son’s first time skating.  I was so proud of him.  He stayed with it and didn’t give up.  By the time the party was over he was skating in the middle of the rink and helping others up from their falls.

I used to skate pretty regularly when I was about nine years old.  My grandparents bought  me a pair of metal roller skates that adjust to your shoe size.  The skates were worn over my tennis shoes.  I would skate on the sidewalk, in the elementary auditorium(why the teachers allowed me I don’t know), and upstairs in our garage apartment.  The garage apartment was my private skating rink.  I took my grandma’s radio up there and jammed to the 80’s music.  Memories!!!  My favorite songs to skate with were Sad Eyes, Don’t Bring Me Down, Old-Time Rock and Roll, and Another One Bites The Dust.  When I learned to skate backwards I thought I was so cool. Once when I skated down the sidewalk in my hometown, a policeman came out of the town hall and warned me.  What a scare!


My son and I plan on doing this again and very soon.  I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.    For 90 minutes I was nine years old again.  Nothing can beat that feeling!!!!!

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