The following definition comes from the online  MSN  Encarta Dictionary.

fo·cus [ fṓkəss ]

noun  (plural fo·cus·es or fo·ci [ fṓ s ])

1. main emphasis: concentrated effort or attention on a part

There is something I have been thinking about during the last few days.  My current method to lose weight is not working for me.  Marking down every indulgence is only causing me to focus more on food.  Starting now, I’m going to try to begin writing down my ACTIVITIES that elevate me to fitness.

Please understand, I am being watchful of what I eat.  I am now deleting my food indulgence pages.   Instead, there will be a new page listing activities, exercises, etc. that I have done each day.

There has been a change in FOCUS on my pages today–from food to fitness.  I want my body to reflect that change day by day, until the goal has been reached.


8 thoughts on “Focus

  1. That is a good plan. Or you could just focus on your intake of fruits and veggies like Krystal over at fitnesssurfer did for awhile. That might help as well. Focusing on getting activity everyday though will be great. Just don’t cut out tracking your food intake completely. We tend to underestimate intake and overestimate output =)

  2. i think thats great you are shifting your focus. Its definitely a true statement that when we focus on avoiding certain foods we just think about it more. Good luck to you!!!

  3. I think you’re on the right track. It’s like walking a tight rope over a greati height, the whole time thinkking, “I won’t fall… I won’t fall… I won’t fall…” What are you thinking about? Falling. So instead you say to yourself, “I will make it… I will make it….” The mind is a powerful thing.

  4. Christopher,
    Thanks for taking the time out of your day to encourage me. I consider it an honor to receive your opinion.

  5. Madison,
    I’m sorry to reply so late. I appreciate your comment. I believe this method is going to work for me.

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