I Need A Plan!

What am I going to do?  It looks like I’m stuck to the computer!  I stayed on the computer a lot yesterday checking out how many points I consumed.  I’ve never totaled points before.  I went to http://ronisweigh.com/ronis-resources/wwp-calculators.  I used the WWP Calculator from there.  I used up 29 points in one day!  I checked to see how many points I have to go by:  18!   No wonder I can’t lose any weight.

Madison also inspired me yesterday when I checked out her progress page( http://followmyweigh.com/progress/).   I made my own chart on my word processor.  I started at 142 and went by 1 lb. increments until I got to 125.  That is 17 lbs!  I’m trying to be more lenient by just trying to lose 1 lb. each week(that’s 17 weeks!).  The situation is looking like Mt. Everest to me right now.  I have been stuck on 140-142 lbs. since blogging.  Does anybody have any advice?  I’m working on the best game plan.     What do you think about the weight-watchers  plan?   I   really want to lose this weight.


9 thoughts on “I Need A Plan!

  1. hm weight watchers, i’ve never really done it but it seems many people have had success with it! maybe you should try it out. have u decided yet?

  2. I don’t have any experience in trying to lose weight, but in my training and lifting to gain weight, I’ve learned quite a bit about fitness.

    I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know… that to lose weight you have to use more calories than you consume, but that the type of calories you are consuming are also important, as well as when you consume them.

    Smaller meals spaced out throughout the day are better than 3 large meals. Don’t ever skip breakfast. Cutting out empty calories, like soft drinks, high fructose corn syrup, processed sugars, etc. is huge. And then the physical fitness side of the equation is just as important as the calorie intake side. Have you done any research on what your target heart rate should be during a cardio workout? Many people actually work out too hard when trying to lose weight, which is great for their pulminary health, but makes their weight loss goals slower to achieve.

    In setting goals, accountability and support are huge…. and it seems like you have that here!

    All I would encourage you to do is stick with it! You may be climbing Everest, but you’re not doing it alone.

  3. Christopher,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me. I am taking your advice to heart, especially the information about keeping my heart rate on target while doing cardio. I’ve never read about that before. You’re comment is SO encouraging! Thank you!


    I don’t think I will try weight watchers right now. I think it would cause me to obsess too much about everything I eat. I’m getting too obsessed about food at this point. I am going to try balance in my diet, mindset, and exercise first.

  4. people LOVE weight watchers.
    people RAVE about the eating clean plan.

    it is all so personal huh?
    Id rebel against WW.
    for me I do a melding of a few: the zone, south beach, intuitive eating—all smashed together in what I can DO AND LOVE AND LIVE while doing.

  5. MizFit,

    Hello! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. You made me curious! I never knew what “the zone” diet was until just now. I looked it up and it is worth checking out. I think it might be better for me than weight watchers. I will look at it more closely when I get the time.

    I plan to check your site out too when I come back to the computer again. Again, thanks so much!

  6. Several small meals is a definitely, like 6. Figure out your metabolic rate so that you know how much you burn on your own, then eat 500 calories less a day so that you lose a lb a week, then burn another 500 calories a day for 2lbs. Eating clean of course, don’t eat lower calories that are just crap, obvious I know =)

    Consistency is key! And it needs to be a lifestyle change and not temporary or you will just gain it all back. How you doing?

  7. Hi, Stephenie!

    I’m fine! You? It’s good to hear from you! Thanks for the advice. I’m planning on putting some time into researching all of these ideas. Then I will go on from there.

  8. The way that WW works is that you can be flexible with your points per day as long as you compensate with exercise. At your weight, just walking 3 miles and doing light calisthenics isn’t going to counteract the amount of points you want to consume per day. What I suggest is that you go to a public place like the mall and job up and down 1 flight of stairs (I do this on weekends @ the parking garage stairs since it’s outdoors for fresh air) and make sure your bpm is in sync with your maximum cardio output . For example, my max CO is 120, so if I go over that with the cardio monitor I have included in my watch, I make sure to slow down. This will burn your stores primarily and your daily fuel consumption secondary which will yield appropriate losses you desire. Give it a try!

  9. I need to calculate what my maximum cardio output is. I’ll have to check it out online. Thank you, Fitness Trainer!

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