Exercising Rocks!

This is sort of the way I felt today when I  finished my workout.  This video makes me want to be fit in a big way.  What an inspiration!  Sylvester Stallone  was exceptionally fit on the Rocky movies(and handsome)!

I can’t seem to get my groove on lately.  I want to write positively, but things have weighed me down in a big way.  I had a rough day yesterday, stress-wise, and it was so hard to keep things going.  Everybody last night noticed that I wasn’t myself.  I was stressed to the max!  People were asking me if everything was alright.  I just didn’t want to talk about it.

I started this blog to help me lose weight.  Well, now I’ve realized that this writing is helping me to sort my feelings out, too.   I just need to vent right now.

My goal is to exercise every day.  But guess what?  I’ve only worked out three times this month!  Today I worked out 50 minutes–30 minutes on the treadmill running and walking, and 20 minutes on my Total Gym doing the Cardio Pull aerobic workout.   I might have to start exercising early in the mornings to be sure to get the exercise in.  It is so important to me right now.

This morning I felt so terrible physically.  I ached all over.  I had to make myself exercise.  After exercising, I was like a new person!  I felt better, physically AND mentally.   It was like I finally biked up the steep, steep mountain and just had to coast to make it home.  I hope you get that.

What a feeling!

What a feeling!

4 thoughts on “Exercising Rocks!

  1. Maybe aim for 10 to 20mins of exercise per day to start? Ease into it vs having a hard workout every so often. Keep moving forward, I know you can do it! =)

  2. Hey Stephenie

    I have been exercising an average of 3 times/week for the last 2 months. My problem is making time. Perhaps it would help to spend 10 minutes a day exercising if I know there is not 30 minutes to spare. I have days off and I like to make use of them exercising. I feel that I have to catch up.

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. its been hard to get my groove back too. its okay, we will get back to it soon 😀
    i can’t wait to start exercising!

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