No Time To Catch My Breath

Today was a very busy day. Back to school, giving piano lessons, and cooking. There was one way to relax: Guitar Hero Aerosmith. My husband had bought it and we got it in the mail today. I played the bass guitar tonight. He played the lead. I only had time to play 3 songs, but it was enough to help relax.

I’ve had the biggest appetite today, but I stuck to only one sweet. This is so hard right now. I believe I want to eat because of stress. Chocolate is calling my name! Maybe it will get easier after a while.


5 thoughts on “No Time To Catch My Breath

  1. That’s good you have found a way to relax… I really need to find “my thing” ya know! It’s not video games, but that is my boyfriend’s thing. I hope it’s yoga =) Stay strong!!!

  2. wow great job for sticking to one sweet!! i definitely think there are easier times and harder times~

    oh and yes, i am moving from chicago and moving back to california, where i am originally from. I’m probably moving end of January, or early February!

  3. Hello Sharon!

    Thanks for the comment. On guitar hero I play mostly drums. I can play it on the easy setting. As you say, guitar hero is hard. I looked at your blog last night and I think you are beautiful.

  4. Stephenie,

    I don’t usually play video games. This is a great game for me because I love music and also because it gives family/friends something to do together. To play this game, the players have to work together to get their band going. I love keeping rhythm with the drum sticks. Guitar Hero is one of the few things that we both like to do.

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