Blogging(It’s a Whole New World)

Today marks two weeks blogging for me.  I love it!  What a great way to express yourself!  And also, what a great way to learn about people in general–their interests, thoughts, and advice.  Much can be gained through blogging.  It has given me a new sense of peace, sparked my imagination, and uncluttered my mind.

On this website I have come across many wonderful, interesting people that blog about their lives.   I love to tag surf with those I have things in common with.  I have found out that people are more friendly in their comments than I would have believed.  People are just great!  I’m a people person.

I could stay on wordpress hours at a time.  I do believe I am hooked.

6 thoughts on “Blogging(It’s a Whole New World)

  1. I think I’d go nuts without being able to blog. I’m one of those screwballs who buys T-shirts like, “I am SO blogging this.” My husband thinks it’s “cute”.

    I’ve been doing it for years now, and it really helps you work this out in your head, and people can be so encouraging.

    I, too, tend to visit the blogs of those who come to mine, and have made many friends this way, some I’ve met in real life. (Wait, blogging IS real life. It’s SOMEONE’S real life, anyway.)

    I wanted to blog during our recent island-wide power outage here in Hawaii, but since I couldn’t, I just blogged ABOUT it. I didn’t even realize how addicted I was until I heard myself say to my daughter, “I can’t even write about this until it’s over and that bites.”

    -DonnaLynn, in newly re-electrified Hawaii

  2. Thank you for the comment. I went on your site and am anxious to read more. It is very interesting. I love your layout. Please forgive me for the short reply. It is late and I have to get some zzzz’s. I will try to write to you again after reading more of your blogs. OK?

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