Let me begin again(already!!)

OK.  A week has gone by and I haven’t done what I planned.  I need to keep a vision of me at 125 lbs. in the front of my mind.  When I see food laid out in front of me, I forget everything.  The other day I got out a snack for some kids and fixed myself a mosaic of junk food–chips, coconut balls, and a sugary pop.  I didn’t even think about my new plan at all until I started eating!  Can you believe it?

It is so, so hard to turn down favorite foods at parties.  I am making my mind up to just get a small sample of everything.  I don’t have to get stuffed to enjoy the food!

I plan today to really get going and roll with it.  No more giving in to the chocolates and cookies lying around the house.

Here’s today’s big plan:

  1. Get off this blog and move.
  2. Treadmill for 30 min.-1 hr.  Burn minimum 250 calories.
  3. Dart through the house, cleaning to burn calories( and also to get it over with).  I will also listen to some upbeat music and keep with the tempo.
  4. Consume 100 calories at a time.  No more.  Eating only when I truly am hungry.
  5. Water, unsweetened tea, and coffee to drink.
  6. A  30-min.-1 hr.workout  on my Total Gym.
  7. A 30-min. walk with my son outside.
  8. Dancing in my room with my favorite music .
  9. Keep a brief log of what I actually do.
  10. Maintain an absolutely positive attitude, dude.

These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Songs that pick you up and make you want to dance, like “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO (my all-time favorite)
  2. Early mornings to spend alone
  3. Children
  4. Walking on the treadmill while getting energized by music
  5. Chocolate
  6. Warm weather
  7. Making lists
  8. Girls’ night out
  9. Shopping
  10. Thrift stores
  11. Good memories
  12. Good friends
  13. My childhood
  14. Pecans, walnuts, nuts!
  15. Birds
  16. Home-cooked meals
  17. Family get- togethers
  18. You Tube
  19. Christmas vacation
  20. My dogs
  21. Seeing the sweet side of people
  22. Reading blogs
  23. Swimming
  24. Roller skating
  25. Traveling
  26. Visiting new restaurants
  27. ‘Gone With the Wind’, the movie
  28. ‘Dirty Dancing’, the movie
  29. A  beautiful new hairstyle
  30. Fun times with family
  31. Classy shoes
  32. Coffee
  33. My MP3 player
  34. Warm fuzzy throws