Ready to move and lose 15 lbs!

Today is a great day.  A great day to begin a change in my life.  I want to be as fit as I was when I was just a kid.  When I was around 9 years old I stayed outside and was ALWAYS active.  I don’t remember making a big deal out of what to eat.  I ate what was on my plate and moved on with my busy day.  I would walk or ride my bike around the block.  I played ball much of the time.  I don’t remember sitting  until I had to come home.  I looked and felt so good then. 

I believe there is something about staying active.  It keeps you from overeating and depression and wasting time watching the rest of the world move. 

I am ready to move!

I am 140 pounds now.  I have tried to lose by exercising more and watching what I eat.  It has worked some:  I have lost 5 pounds over the last month.  I would like to lose 2 lbs. a week with no yo-yoing.  It should take me 7 and a half weeks to do this.  What an accomplishment this would be! 

If I do this, I know I will have to really try hard.  My weakness is homemade sweets and cookies.  My day starts out with me telling myself “Only one cookie or dessert”, but I give in too much. 

Yesterday I bought some 100-calorie Little Debbie’s cakes.  I also bought some Christmas sugar cookies.  Let’s see if I can focus on other things and keep the cravings at bay!